Lil' Miss Mary Kiss Me Where the Sun Don't Shine (libragirly1313) wrote in anti_coulter,
Lil' Miss Mary Kiss Me Where the Sun Don't Shine

Some questions for my state's "pro-life" governor

As a concerned Floridian, I'd like to write a letter to the governor of my state. I'd address three points.

1. Polite person that I am, even to those with whom I ideologically disagree, I would inquire about his family--particularly, his daughter. Considering he seems to devote more attention to the likes of Terri Schiavo than poor Noelle--well, we all heard about that trouble she got into a few years back.
2. I would also remind him that the last time I checked, Florida leads the nation in violent crime, & millions of Floridians need his help in order to make our cities, towns, & streets safer.
3. Finally, I would remind him that hurricane season has begun. So far, parts of the state suffered through a somewhat nasty tropical storm. Considering the damage those 4 hurricanes did last year, I'd beseech him to please stop looking back 15 years &, instead, focus on getting through the next 4 months.
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