Lil' Miss Mary Kiss Me Where the Sun Don't Shine (libragirly1313) wrote in anti_coulter,
Lil' Miss Mary Kiss Me Where the Sun Don't Shine

The $40 Million Inauguration

First of all, I've noticed that this community has a few new members. Welcome! I hope more people will start posting soon. I can't believe my last post was almost 2 months ago.

I'm one of the folks who found it in poor taste that Dubya's going to have a $40 million inauguration even though we're still at war & the tsunami disaster was 3 weeks ago (& also, we've got a lot of poor people in this country, not to mention the millions of Americans who aren't poor, per se, but don't have health insurance, either). However, I've been reading comments from the other side (& even from Paul Begala, in yesterday's NEW YORK TIMES), stating that inaugurations are important historical events & that we have to go on & put our best foot forward whenever possible. And even though I don't really agree, I see where these people are coming from. What I have the biggest problem with, I think, is why the Bush crowd can't celebrate on a SMALLER budget than $40 million. Do they have to have quite as many balls & other lavish events? Did they absolutely HAVE to get Hillary Duff & Kid Rock to perform? This is his SECOND inaugural, after all.

I've always been of the opinion that, whether you're a student or a businessperson or the Leader of the Free World, you can show you're prosperous & all that WITHOUT flaunting it. It seems to me that this administration is constantly going out of its way to flaunt its & its buddies' wealth, & this irks the rest of the world.

I believe Jan. 20--Inauguration Day--is Bill Maher's birthday. I mean, jeez...think of how many Playboy Playmates Bill could wine & dine on $40 million!!!! (Sorry--someone had to say it.)
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