Lil' Miss Mary Kiss Me Where the Sun Don't Shine (libragirly1313) wrote in anti_coulter,
Lil' Miss Mary Kiss Me Where the Sun Don't Shine

Social Security hypocrisy

Earlier today, I was reading "The Death of Social Security," a debate between James K. Glassman & Tyler Cowen, in the April issue of REASON. Glassman basically thinks we don't need Social Security, & is all for private retirement accounts. One point he makes seems, at first, pretty sensible: that Americans should be encouraged (although he really thinks they should be pressured) to save/invest more money than they do (rather than, Glassman says, expect Uncle Sam to take care of them in their golden years).

Personally, I've always been a big fan of saving most of what I make. Part of that has to do with the fact that I'm a freelancer, so I'm not exactly rolling in dough, but there also aren't many material things I why not put something away for the future? (Of course, that's what bank accounts & the voluntary private accounts we ALREADY have, like IRAs, are for, but we'll overlook that inconvenient fact for just a second.)

But if encouraging Americans to save is seriously part of Dubya's plan for Social Security reform, he SERIOUSLY needs someone other than himself to push it. Why? Bill Maher said it best when he said that if he was dating a woman who spent money like Dubya spends it, he'd dump her. Dubya is capable of spending money in ways those "tax-and-spend Democrats" could never dream of. I remember this president, soon after 9/11, encouraging Americans to shop & eat at restaurants & basically spend like drunken sailors because otherwise, the terrorists would win! And whenever there's a new tax cut & we get those checks in the mail, aren't we advised to spend them, in order to help stimulate the economy? Are we EVER told to put them in the bank, or to even save them for the next rainy day?

The just never ends.
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